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Meet Our Tutors

Experienced & Passionate 

Kevin Zhang

Chess Tutor | Math Tutor 

Kevin Zhang, a member of the Bronx High School of Science Math Team, has attended numerous math competitions and gained many high-quality math awards including qualification for AIME(American Invitational Math Examination), a very prestigious examination. 

Kevin is a highly experienced chess player who has gone to multiple chess tournaments throughout his career. He is now rated 1800 USCF. Through his guidance and support, you'll unlock new levels of proficiency and derive greater enjoyment from the wonderful game of chess.

Nathan Pranaprom 

English Tutor | Chess Tutor| Day Trading Expert

hhWith a deep passion for the English language and a commitment to nurturing students' abilities, Nathan offers personalized lessons tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

With a rating of 1600 USCF, Nathan will provide your child with a combination of interactive lessons, practice sessions, and analysis of famous chess matches. You'll have access to a range of learning resources, all designed to augment your knowledge and further elevate your game.

"Master the Markets with Unmatched Precision and Proficiency!"

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